How To Write In Binary Code

Binary Code is relatively simple to write in, if you have a P.H.D. in Smartness.  I was taught how to do this by my peep Alec, who is all knowing and powerful and whose semi-vlog is linked to on the right.  Binary, although simple, takes a long time to write.  But anyway, if you are incredibly bored, here is how to do it:

In order to write numbers in Binary, you must start first with the chart below.  Some can do binary in their head, but that is way to advanced for me.









To write, for example, 5, one would write 101, because the 1s would represent where to add the digits together.  Because of the 1s in the “1” and “4” boxes, you would add 1 and 4 together, equaling: 5!  What a surprise!  Using these digits, you can write any number there is, except infinity.  The top row extends to eternity, each digit doubling for the next box.  So 129 would be 10000001.

To put actual letters, I have no idea to do it officially, so I simply write the corresponding letters (A=1, B=2, etc), and separate the letters within a word by commas.  For instance, “hi” would be 0001,1001.

Now wasn’t that simple?


In that case:



4 Responses to “How To Write In Binary Code”

  1. in that case: klvbe?

  2. You are a bit off on the lettering, i use this site for referance

  3. oh and it writes from right to left, so 00 would be 0 and 01 would be 1 and 10 would be 2

  4. actually you’ve got the hole thing wrong for words, “hi” would actually be 01101000,01101001. you have your basic chart from right to left 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1. and you have your lettering which is different for both lower and capital letters. #65-90 is capital A-Z and #97-122 is lower case a-z. now from there you can use basic binary math to figure out the placements of all 0’s and 1’s.

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